Tea Talk

I like to believe that I retain a youthful outlook on life, but I must yield to the facts. I’m a picky old lady!

Forex, let’s take tea, my favorite hot beverage. In my 20s, I dgaffed what kind of tea I drank… it was all fine. But as I’ve matured, my tastes have narrowed considerably. Unless it’s near bedtime, I want only black tea, and I prefer it flavored with orange spice. Occasionally, we can omit the orange spice and substitute something else yummy, such as almond or vanilla, but plain black? Meh.

Confession: I carry a supply of black/ orange teabags in my purse just in case I need hot tea when out of the house.

Cat? ✅

Homebody? ✅

Fusspot? ✅

24 responses to “Tea Talk

  1. I’ve always had an interest in teas preferably flavored however I haven’t spent much time trying other flavors. any suggestions? Im a huge fan of raspberry and love to have fresh cherrys in my tea as well.

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  2. Ah, age. Changing taste buds, sense of smell, etc. for, well, years. So now I actually like rosehip tea. My 20-something self would be gagging right now at the thought.

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  3. Lol. I am confessing too. I carry sachets of coffee in my handbag! So your not alone 😛

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  4. I love this Paula as I am a tea drinker! ❤

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  5. Plain black or medicinal—ginger for example. But coffee is my drink!!

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  6. Ennle Madresan

    I like ice tea–and orange spice is really good–but I don’t do hot drinks.

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  7. People don’t seem to realise you can become hooked on tea. I am. My preference is strong tea (being hooked). Only drink the best tea, and then if you become hooked, it doesn’t look so bad.

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  8. It’s the little things.

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  9. Great content! sweet!

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