T is for Train [A2Z]

While You Were Sleeping is a sweet romcom starring Sandra Bullock, one of my favorite actors. “Train” comes from the fact that Sandra plays Lucy, an employee of the CTA who works at the booth where people drop their tokens before boarding. She’s a single gal (with an adorable cat, natch) who fantasizes about one particular handsome man who passes by each morning. He’s always perfectly dressed in a suit and coat, and Lucy imagines herself to be in love with him.

On Christmas morning, the handsome man is mugged and pushed onto the train tracks. Lucy leaves her booth and runs out to help; she rolls him away from the oncoming train. He’s unconscious, and when he wakes up in the hospital, he has amnesia.

Due to a mumbling misunderstanding, the hospital staff believes Lucy is the man’s fiancรฉe. When his family shows up, Lucy is introduced not only as his fiancรฉe but also as the person who saved his life. She is overwhelmed with their gratitude and the mistaken identity farce rolls on.

But then the handsome man’s charming and adorable brother arrives.

Sandra is so great here. I just love her. I also loved her in Miss Congeniality, but I couldn’t use that as one of my romcoms unfortunately because although MC has the happy ending, I did watch MC2, which shows Sandra’s character and her man from MC1 breaking up. Too sad! Not that I didn’t love MC2 too, mind you. But it was one of those girl power movies, which are great in their own right. Sandra also rocks those. She’s fabulous in everything. ๐Ÿ’–

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  1. The Happy Book Blog.

    Yeah, like that film.

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  2. I hadn’t thought about this film in years. You’re right, it was delightful.

    T is for Treves, Frederick #atozchallenge


  3. I love Sandra Bullock in most everything, too. She feels relatable, no matter what. Can’t remember liking “While You Were Sleeping”, but I’m not good with mistaken-identity plots; they make me nervous. Saw a similar plot line in a Christmas movie: “A Very Merry Mix-Up”. But there, it wasn’t obvious that it was a case of mistaken identity. (Honestly, the synopsis for “Mix-up” is too much spoiler.)

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  4. Well done Paula, you are near the end of your rom com A to Z challenge.
    This is one Sandra Bullock movie that I haven’t seen yet. I have put it on my To watch list.

    Have you seen Sandra in Ocean’s 8?

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  5. I loved this film, and several others with Sandra Bullock as she makes her characters so believable (Practical Magic and Premonition to name just 2). The scene where she objects to her own wedding makes me cry.
    (I saw Robert de Niro and Al Pacino in Heat, so the one you refer to is a different movie as this was definitely not a romcom!)

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  6. Ennle Madresan

    That was a good film!

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  7. I’ve seen a lot of her movies, and loved all of them! This one was really good, but it’s been a long time since I saw it.

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