A Bridge Too Far

This is the Bay Bridge in Oakland/ San Francisco, California. And it is indeed too far because my daughter lives up there and I don’t get to see her enough, since that’s about 400 miles away. However! Happy nooz! I’m going up for a weekend soon, hurrah, hooray! πŸ˜€πŸ’–πŸŽ‰


Cee’s Photo Challenge

15 responses to “A Bridge Too Far

  1. Yay! πŸ˜€πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰

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  2. Hope you have a great time with your daughter.

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  3. 400 miles is far!! Have fun!!


  4. May your time with her be blessed and joyous! ❀

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  5. Glad you can get up here. My daughter lives on the other side of the bridge and it seems too far some days. 400 miles is a long way … enjoy your visit 😎

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  6. About every 6 weeks we drive 480 km or 300 miles in a day to collect our son from college. They are rural, winding roads with a short stretch of motorway. It takes about 3.5 hours there and 3.5 hours back but we stop for a couple of breaks so it takes about 10 hours in total. You would have to do that x 4 times! Wow!


  7. Wonderful bridge photo for this week. Thanks so much for playing along πŸ˜€

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  8. That’s a pretty neat bridge. We’ve actually been over it many years ago. πŸ™‚

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