R is for Romancing [A2Z]

Romancing the Stone is an adventure romcom starring Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas. I mentioned it in my review of the romance novel Heart of Fire because that story also involved a heroine trekking down to the jungle, etc. But in RTS we have a city girl (a romance novelist!) who is not an archaeologist and is totally unprepared to brave the dangers of Columbia. However, off Joan goes to rescue her sister, who’s being held for ransom by some baddies.

Joan encounters Jack (popular name for protags), who is also seeking the treasure map Joan needs to deliver to her sister’s kidnappers. Naturally, Jack is the antithesis of everything Joan dreams of in a man, but she changes her mind yada. I’m not too impressed with this storyline in my twilight years, since it mirrors reality too painfully ~ woman having to adapt to man instead of the other way around. In real life, you so often end up alone despite contorting or erasing your self to please Mr. Man, or you wish you were alone.

I mean, how many times are we going to need a snarky macho dude with lightning-quick reflexes to chop off a deadly snake’s head while we are trying to have a convo with him about something important to our heart? I’d rather have the empathetic verbally adept guy with mediocre snake-chopping skillz. Yes, I understand that it only takes the one deadly snake… so you spend your life adapting to snarky jerk just in case there’s ever a snake, and you never find anyone to fucking hear what you have to say.

Be that as it may, RTS is still a fun flick, and Danny DeVito is always hilarious.

Sorry to have digressed into a mini rant in the middle of this thrilling review series that no one cares about! 🙄😂🤪

19 responses to “R is for Romancing [A2Z]

  1. I saw this one a loooooooong time ago.

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  2. I have seen this movie more than once. I like this movie. It does not have a rom-com category in my internal filing system. It is an adventure flick with a bit of thriller and romance thrown in. And lots of mud. That part rather bothered me. The part where our heroine has a cat makes up for that. Also: the music video. 😀

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    • Interesting! So, you’re okay with the “rom” if the movie is basically a fast-paced comedy or an adventure. You probably just don’t want to watch people yapping about their feeeeelings for two hours, amirite?

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      • 110% correct! I like happy endings, but am not interested in stories about pining for The One. I like a bit of drama in the face of crises, like “Kramer vs Kramer” or “Lorenzo’s Oil” but if the plot revolves around life sucking cuz you get the whole pizza to yourself, forget it. I need a heroine I can look up to. 😄

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  3. When we first got our VCR back in the early 80s that is the first tape my Mom bought with the VCR, man, how we watched that movie over and over and over and over and over again because we had no other tapes to watch. 😂😂😂

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  4. I really like this film. 💖

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  5. I do love this movie, especially when they arrive at the drug town. But, alas, you are right about the storyline…sigh…

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  6. Great movie and the sequel The Jewel of the Nile was good also.

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  7. I think I went to see this movie by myself, as I did pretty often at the time it came out, if I’m remembering correctly. I walked out with one of its last lines ringing in my head, Joan Wilder saying to her editor (played by the now really elderly bisexual Holland Taylor who is dating the younger and more famous and fabulous Sarah Paulson) in response to being called a hopeless romantic…”I’m a hopeful romantic.” Given my present status especially, the film has not aged well for me when I have tried to re-view it a few times recently. It might still “work” for you, though, given your status as a romance novelist and kitty lover.

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