Street Smart Cats

I don’t know why there’s been an ongoing debate over whether cats are smarter than dogs when clearly they’re so different. Why compare? But for sure cats understand a lot more words than they let on.

I used to occasionally feed the couple stray black cats that lurked around our parking lot. I put my food near another car where this other woman fed them. She had a bunch of food dishes out. Eventually she moved and the dishes disappeared. I didn’t see the cats much and figured either they found a new source of food or it had found them.

Monday night one appeared as I exited my car after work. Ohai! I decided to give him a can of the food Gatsby had rejected and brought it downstairs on a paper plate. But by that time kitty had vanished. I began talking into the air. “Hey kitty! I have some food here! And I’m putting it in the corner near my car, not in the other place where I used to put it near the other car.”

I figured eh, lost cause, food will sit there uneaten, and I went to get the mail. Three minutes later, both black cats were eating it.

Last night they were both waiting for me. Luckily, I have a lot of food up here. Gatsby will now only eat pure organic chicken/pea crunchy bits. I have loads of other stuff he abruptly quit eating when his tummy got upset the other week. The stray cats will eat all of whatever I put out.


One-Liner Wednesday

25 responses to “Street Smart Cats

  1. Very intelligent 🐈

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  2. I don’t know… I have a couple of little noiseboxes…

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  3. My cousin put food out when she saw a stray cat and a big rat came to eat it.

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  4. There’s a sign up in my vets: “Cats and women do what they like. Dogs and men better get used to it.” Good eh?
    Must’ve been the work of the (female) receptionists rather than the (male) vets. Or possibly the resident cat which sits on the counter.

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  5. There’s a large field outside our house,so I get to watch the neighbors cats ‘hunting’ like mini tigers they do all the same stuff and do bring lots of various dead things back

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  6. I love this story! I miss having a cat. ❤

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  7. Bless your heart, Paula. Without kind people their lives would be shortened. Since working at the shelter it is haunting to see what happens to street animals 😦

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  8. Ennle Madresan

    So, Gatsby is better now?


  9. We have one of each. You’ve probably heard this before, but here’s the difference between cats and dogs:

    A dog looks at you and thinks to himself, “You feed me, you shelter me, you love me. YOU must be God!” A cat looks at you and thinks to himself, “You feed me, you shelter me, you love me. I must be God!”

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