O is for Overboard [A2Z]


Bonus O for this movie being set in Oregon. Now, I love Goldie Hawn… she’s been a fave of mine since forever. Loved her on Laugh-In, and one of the first romcoms I ever saw starred Ms. Hawn. I think it was called Butterflies Are Free. Besides that, she gave the world Kate Hudson, another fabulous actor! (I’ve reviewed two movies starring Kate in this A2Z challenge: Alex & Emma and How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days.)

In Overboard, Goldie is matched with her real-life sweetie Kurt Russell. Goldie plays a spoiled wealthy wife who is mean to hired carpenter Kurt. When she falls off her yacht and gets amnesia, her husband leaves her in the hospital so he can go party, and Kurt scoops her up to take care of his house and kids.

Hijinks ensue! Very fun movie, if a bit crazy. But aren’t they all? Mostly you have to suspend your disbelief altogether for movies, whether romances or thrillers or whatever genre. Just too many insanely ridiculous coincidences, amirite?

13 responses to “O is for Overboard [A2Z]

  1. haha! Love this movie, and whenever we happen across it on TV we have to keep watching it, wherever place it is at the time. 🙂

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  2. I’m confused. I love this movie. I thought I didn’t like rom-coms? 🤔

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  3. This is a great movie, because before she fell off the yacht, she was a nasty bitch and Kurt Russell and his weird kids make her into a much better person.

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  4. If Goldie Hawn is in it, you can uually count on it being a little crazy…

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  5. Overboard, one of my favorite Rom Coms. And look, they are still together ❤


  6. Ennle Madresan

    This is one of my over and overboard faves! Every line she has is hilarious!!

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