Skirts [flash 127]

“Frank, I’m concerned about the amount of turnover we’re experiencing in the skirt department,” Jane said, frowning at the first quarter report. “It costs a lot of money to train new employees.”

Frank tried to soothe the VP’s concerns. “We’re trying to get these new employees to participate more in social events. That way we’ll feel more like one big happy family.”

Jane glared at him. “Frank, your job is to sell skirts, not teach the world to sing like in some sappy ad. I want results! And I don’t want to wait until fourth quarter.”

“You’ll get them,” Frank said confidently. “In fact, we’re having a fun modeling show next week to show off our summer skirts. You should join in, Jane. You’ve got great legs.”


19 responses to “Skirts [flash 127]

  1. At least the sales guy had a good strategy ready!

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  2. Want to know what happens next. So many possibilities

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  3. This story is too short—like a lot of skirts. 😉


  4. Oooh, Baby!

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  5. Hope she didn’t take him to task on that LOL

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  6. Good one for turnover!

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  7. Love this Paula!! 🙂

    I have chosen you as one of my bloggers for 321 Quote Me ❤

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  8. That should have made Jane happy

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