Lip Service πŸ’‹ [SOCS]

Blips are bad when they appear on your phone, but on an EKG you’d better hope you have some.

Clips of politicians acting like jerks I’d rather not click on whether at home or at work.

Flipping my hair to flirt with a dude is something for which I’ve never been in the mood.

Lipstick is lovely in pink or in red, though it can mess up a collar or a pillow in bed. πŸ’‹

Slipping and falling flat on my butt I try to avoid though I don’t have much luck.

Tulips can be tiptoed through, or so Timmy sings, but I wouldn’t want to crush one, since they epitomize Spring!

16 responses to “Lip Service πŸ’‹ [SOCS]

  1. I never wear lipstick doesn’t suit me, tulips are blooming here everywhere !

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  2. Well done πŸ‘

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  3. Clever Paula. Loved it.

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  4. These are really great! They gave me a good tickle inside! Thanks Paula! ❀

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  5. Those tulips really do make me think of spring. Warm weather, come on already! Nice post. πŸ™‚

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  6. When I moved to Norway the first time, at age 8, in late April/early May (it was a long trip), the one image seared into my memory is of all the tulips blooming along the main street in Oslo. Absolutely gorgeous!

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