The Weekly Smile

This week’s smile is one of those theater masks 🎭 ~ but half of it is a smile, so it counts!

Let’s do the tragedy first so we can end on an upbeat note. I ordered a dress, along with some other stuff, for my daughter’s birthday in March and the dress didn’t fit, so we exchanged it for another one. Since the Dumb Company was only sending a dress, instead of packaging it up in a safe box to be left at my door, they squashed it up in a plastic bag, which the mailperson further squished into my mailbox.

When I retrieved the mail, the plastic bag had caught on the metal of the mailbox, tearing through it and the dress, making a hole in the fabric. I had to send it back again, as damaged this time, and request another one. I guess my March birthday girl is going to get her gift in May. 🙄

Around the same time, I separately ordered two packages of socks for myself from Amazon. I arrived home the other night and there was a giant box at my door. Hmm, I thought… what’s this? I opened it to find a bunch of bubble packs protecting my precious socks, which were in perfect pristine condition.

Say what you will about Amazon, they know how to ship their stuff without wrecking it. 👍🏻😀🎉

16 responses to “The Weekly Smile

  1. Precious dress – flimsy bag that easily rips. Socks – two tons of packing material. Seems about right 😉

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  2. I’d be as excited about the bubble wrap as I was the socks! 😂


  3. I agree with the Amazon bit, but usually other stores are careful with the packaging too.

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  4. Life goes on containing Comedy and Tragedy.

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  5. Ennle Madresan

    Been there…and I’m generally a big Amazon fan 🙂

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  7. Except for books which they do not package well at all.

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