The coast soothes my mind,

From the rhythmic crash of waves

To the infinite hues of blues

And greens and greys

As the water undulates,

Shimmers, foams, and sprays.

The endless reality of days

Can erase the dreamer

Within my soul,

But the mystery of the deep

Summons her out to play

And keeps her whole.

It’s only natural to be magnetized

By the pull of the ocean’s tides,

To be seduced by the primal

Scents of salt and sand,

A tangle of seaweed

In my hand.


Opposites Attract Challenge April 6

20 responses to “Coasting

  1. This is lovely! The coast holds a special place in my heart, and your post reminded me of that. πŸ’›

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  2. Oh my, this is glorious–BRAVO!!

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  3. A beautiful ode to the sea and the coast.

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  4. Oh I love love love this. Speaks to my heart.

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  5. beautiful Paula, describes a perfect day at the beach to me

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  6. Lovely! I’ve spent hours contemplating life from perches along the Maine and Oahu coasts while stationed there with the Navy. I can recall specific moments in those places when I asked myself where I’d be in 30 or 40 years. The sea is mesmerizing. You captured it.

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  7. Love this it’s wonderful! ❀

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  8. Very nicely done! Gold star!

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  9. I read this forwards, and also backwards, and liked the latter, too! You get wonderful stuff like “But the mystery of the deep / Within my soul / Can erase the dreamer”.

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