E is for Enchanted [A2Z]

Enchanted is a delightful romcom with a spectacular cast. It weaves together several fairy tale tropes and unravels them on the streets of Manhattan. What fun!

Amy Adams stars as sweet and lovely Giselle who gets spelled away from the land of Andalasia by Prince Edward’s (James Marsden’s) wicked stepmother Queen Narissa (Susan Sarandon in character, lol). Edward chases after Giselle, but alas… she’s already met cynical divorce lawyer Robert (Patrick Dempsey) and his adorable little daughter.

Robert is just about to propose to his sensible long-term girlfriend, but now he has to deal with this annoyingly optimistic houseguest. Narissa sends a troll with poisoned apples in hopes of killing Giselle, and when he fails, Narissa decides to do it herself. Hijinks ensue! Great New York scenes abound!

There are so many funny little details in this movie that parody other movies and fairy tales. Highly recommend!

10 responses to “E is for Enchanted [A2Z]

  1. Ennle Madresan

    Amazing! I just watched this for the millionth time tonight πŸ™‚ Great film–love the music and acting, and modern take on the story. Almost makes me a believer in “true love’s kiss” ❀

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  2. An ardent fan of Romcoms I loved Enchanted.
    Loved your review too.

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  3. I like Amy Adams and I think this was one of her first big roles. Fun movie also

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  4. I love this movie! But I can never tell it’s Susan Sarandon.


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