Ten Days To Go! [Game of Thrones fanfic]

What was once derided as myth and fairy tales of crazy witches has now come to pass: the army of the dead is marching on the living. It won’t much matter who was more prescient in choosing a leader, except there’s a slightly better chance of surviving if the living fight together rather than conspire against one another as they have done until now.

But some say there may be a forgotten factor. Nymeria, the cast-off dire wolf from House Stark has survived all these years in the frigid forests of the North. We caught a glimpse of her when Arya was traveling alone and a wolf pack appeared, led by Nymeria. There were thousands of dire wolves, an army in their own right. Will they fight for the living against the Night King?

As the air turns even colder and a brutal long winter descends once again upon Westeros, it’s fortunate that the remaining Starks have at least reunited in Winterfell. Whether the star-crossed Queen Daenerys and her two fire dragons will ultimately be friend or foe to the Starks, well…

We will just have to wait and watch!


Elemental Challenge: Air/Frigid

Opposites Attract Challenge April 4

7 responses to “Ten Days To Go! [Game of Thrones fanfic]

  1. April 14th, looking forward it.

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  2. I have some catching up. I’ve only seen episode 1 of the first series.

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  3. What happened in the end? ❤

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    • The brother-sister lovers died, with the tower crumbling down upon them as they tried to escape a back way to a boat their dwarf brother Tyrion left for them, as the dragon queen Danaerys and her dragon destroyed the capital city. Loads of innocent people died too, like in all wars, and it was horrible. Arya Stark lived to sail away to new adventures. She rejected her lover’s marriage proposal because she’s an independent woman. The lover, Gendry, once a bastard, is now a lord. Sansa, abused throughout, is now Queen of the North, as she wanted. Jon Snow/Aegon Targaryon killed his lover, Danaerys, for being cruel, and he faced punishment himself for that, which was exile beyond the wall. The lords decided, after Tyrion persuaded them, that Bran the Broken should be King (except in the North because Sansa), so that was done. But Tyrion will be his hand aka the actual power, since Bran isn’t really a leader and spaces out all the time to warg into ravens and flit about. Grey Worm, who committed a shit ton of war crimes, isn’t punished, but that’s okay, because he’s off to Naath to mourn his dead love, and he’ll soon die too, since all newbies to Naath die of butterfly fever. He’s also killing his crew by taking them, but like whatever he’s sad okay. The Cleganebowl happened and both brothers died horribly in fire. (Before it did, Sandor convinced Arya to get out of the Keep and saved her life, which was sweet.) What else? Varys betrayed Dany near the end by trying to poison her and get Jon to take over, so she had her dragon torch him. Melisandra helped in the long night against the Night King and his baddies and then she lay down to die cuz she was just tired af. Ofc, the NK died (Arya stabbed him, which was annoying), which decommissioned all his creatures. Boom, end of that nonsense. Jorah died that night too, which might be one of the reasons Dany went so postal. She had no allies left she could count on and needed to rule by fear because she had no love. That’s what she believed anyway. Speaking of, before Jaime returned to Cersei, he did spend some nights with Brienne finally, and they loved each other, but as I always say… people don’t change… and he went back to die with his sister.

      Oh, turned out that the weird and awkward kid Robin Arryn grew into this fucking hot lord I didn’t even recognize at first until someone said on Twitter and then I had to go back and check it out and was all HOLY CRAP!

      He changed. But that’s different. I mean people don’t change emotionally. Most of them… 99% of them, wild guess. If they do, it’s a huge struggle, and most can’t or won’t put in the work. So much easier to give in and do what feels familiar even if it destroys you. Kbye!

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