“I caught a fish … it was THIS big?!” [flash 300]

As some of you know, I have family in Ohio I’ve fallen out of touch with. But when I was a little kid, my mom took me to visit occasionally. We’d go during summer vacation and stay in a Howard Johnson for a couple days. Her family was super small town, and even she was no longer used to their ways.

Once, on a boiling hot day, my cousins were going fishing in the creek (the “crick”) and asked me to come along. I was 8, and my mom said okay. I had never fished, so they baited my hook. I was excited! Me, a little girl from New York City, fishing in a creek!

My cousins kept catching fish, but I didn’t. It made me sad. They showed me ways to move my pole a bit and where to stand to attract a fishie. Finally, I felt a tug on my line. Yay! I called out for help and they told me how to reel my catch in.

It felt heavy. I was elated. My first fish! There were no cell phones back then, but I was already imagining taking a polaroid pic at the house and showing off to my friends back in the city.

But then I saw my fish, which didn’t look like any fish I’d ever seen. “Ewww!” I screamed. “It’s a monster!”

I dropped my fishing pole and one of my cousins grabbed it. They both cracked up laughing. “It’s just a catfish! They’re delicious!”

“Gross!” I yelled, running back to the house.

My grandma fried up all the fish that night for dinner. I just had salads and dessert. My cousins told the folks that I’d caught the biggest catfish ever to come out of that muddy little creek as everyone ate. Yuck!


This fish tale is in response to Rory’s challenge. Please note in the comments on how believable you consider the story to be, on a “scale” of 1-10, with 10 being most believable.

53 responses to ““I caught a fish … it was THIS big?!” [flash 300]

  1. I think your story is at least a 9 on the believable scale.
    I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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  2. I will give it a 10!

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  3. I’d say this is at a 9! Well done Paula! Made me chuckle.

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  4. A definite 9! I went fishing with Bro in 2010 when I visited in NZ. Never done it before, but I caught the first fish, which turned out to be the only snapper! It tasted delicious.

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  5. When I was young, I went fishing with my dad, brother and sister in a boat that he rented. Everyone caught a fish except for me, so when the day was over and my dad rowed the boat to shore, I saw a fish that had washed up and I put it on my hook so I could tell everyone that I caught something. They all laughed at me because the fish was half rotted away.

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  6. I’ll give you a 7.

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  7. Wow what an absolute whopper indeed Paula – very impressive not bad scoring so far 44 – that’s impressive!

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  8. Reblogged this on A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip! and commented:
    Paula takes the lead with her whopper of a ‘tail’ about the ginormous catch fish catfish yarn!!

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  9. A 10 but since you asked, maybe not at all?

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  10. Sounds very believable. Let’s give it a 10!

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  11. Ennle Madresan

    Got my gag reflex going, so I’ll give it a 10 🙂

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  12. Really entertaining read! This is a 10!

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  13. 10 – Very believable. I grew up in Michigan also saying “crick”. LOL.

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  14. I have to give you a 10 also. I’ve seen plenty of catfish and they are super ugly!

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  15. Well, you hooked me in, so I’ll give it a 9.

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  16. I believe it – great story! 10!

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  17. Brilliant! 10 on 10! 🙂

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  19. On a believable scale, this story comes in at 10. An 8-year-old girl that never fished before would think a catfish was a monster. Also, the myth that first-time fishers, especially kids always catch something rings true for me, as my son at that age caught his first fluke. Salad only for him that night also. Enjoyed the story.

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  20. What a cute story! Loved it.


  21. This challenge may bring on a great fish fry! Cute, nostalgic post Paula.


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