C is for Cocktail [A2Z]

Cocktail is a cute and funny romcom that includes serious themes as well. It stars Tom Cruise and Elisabeth Shue. Now, I know some people have a “thing” about Tom Cruise because of his wacky religious beliefs, but I figure that’s his personal biz. I’ve always enjoyed his movies ~ the first one I saw was Risky Business back in Chicago (snuck out of class to go to the theater alone), and I loved it! Been a fan of his work ever since.

In Cocktail, he plays Brian, a guy fresh out of the army who can’t get a marketing job because he doesn’t have a college degree. He accepts a job as a bartender to make money while taking classes, but ends up becoming a superstar bartender. Brian has a falling out with Doug, the guy who got him started, and he takes off for Jamaica to earn a bundle quickly at a resort. He meets two women. One appears to be his soul mate; the other appears to be someone who can help him rise up the corporate ladder.

Brian makes a choice. The movie explores the repercussions of that choice, and I find it interesting to watch even after several viewings. Doug is an important character too, and his on and off friendship with Brian influences some of Brian’s decisions.

This is definitely an “80s” movie! 😀

23 responses to “C is for Cocktail [A2Z]

  1. One of my favorite romcoms (like when did the term romcom become the word to use for romantic comedies anyway 🙂). Loved this movie and especially loved that part of it was shot on my favorite island.

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  2. One of my favorites too! 😉

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  3. Good afternoon Paula, – ok – Spin The Keyboard Yarn – Baby Steps First launched today, with a small wee trial ..


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  4. Does anyone have sex on the beach in this movie?

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  5. I said that sarcastically, because sex on the beach is a cocktail.

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  6. Can you believe I’ve never seen it? 😦

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  7. Tom Cruise has been a favorite of mine for many years. He was smokin hot back then and still is super hot. He’s a hard-working actor also. This movie made bartenders stars, and they are stars!

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  8. I’m not a big fan of Tom’s, the only movie I really love is “Rain Man”–because his character makes a colossal change for the better, gotta love that in anybody, real or fictional 🙂

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  9. I am a great fan of romcoms.
    I am surprised I haven’t seen this.
    Thanks for telling us about it .

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  10. That was a really good movie! Most all of Tom Cruise’s movies are ones I like. 🙂

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