Sugar Sugar [flash 160]

Bettina needed this quiet down time to herself after the hectic day she’d had at school with a classroom full of spirited 7th graders playing pranks. She ordered a café au lait and carefully placed it on the table next to her notebook and pen. She planned to write a bit of poetry and relax for an hour before heading home to grade papers.

But first she took a bathroom break, stopping to brush her hair and reapply lipstick. You never knew when Mr. Right might decide to make a surprise appearance. Best to be prepared.

Bettina went back to her table, sat down, and took a sip of coffee. “AAACCCKKK!” She spit the coffee back into the cup. Gross! It tasted as if some imp had dumped an entire cup of sugar in it.

A table nearby erupted into shrieks of laughter. “April Fool, Miss Lyon!” It was a group of her students.

Bettina rolled her eyes and sighed.


Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge

21 responses to “Sugar Sugar [flash 160]

  1. I knew a Bettina in Brazil.

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  2. Kids will be kids…especially on April Fool’s Day!

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  3. Bettina was the mayor’s daughter and she owned a record store. We became good friends and she invited me to a Halloween party.

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  4. Funny pranks are funny. But to prank someone for the sake of pranking them can turn out annoying. Just like in this flash.

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  5. Great story. Those pranksters!

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  6. Ennle Madresan

    She’s fortunate it was just sugar…the little beasts are turning homicidal these days: I’m a true-crime addict, one of the shows featured a kid bent on revenge who put some kind of acid-poison in his teacher’s water bottle. She lived to tell the tale, just barely.

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  7. Very nice twist at the end…and so appropriate for April Fool’s Day!

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  8. I could see this happening!

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