A is for Alex [A2Z]

Welcome to my first official A2Z post! This is my first year joining in as well as the first day of posting, so double yay! As I’ve said, I’ll be reviewing romcoms and romance novels for my theme, generally varying one then the other, except when I goof up. 🤣 Let’s get going with the romance reviews, shall we? 💖

Alex & Emma is an underrated gem of a romantic comedy. It’s directed by Rob Reiner, so you know it’s funny and well-paced. I’ll tell you right now it received low scores and bad reviews from people who (I assume) weren’t interested in a writer’s movie. 🙁

Alex is the writer, who also has a gambling problem and is in debt to the Cuban Mafia. If he doesn’t pay up in 30 days, they’re going to kill him. No problem, since if he turns in his next book to his publisher (played hilariously by RR) in 30 days, he’ll get a hefty check. Except… now he has writer’s block, and the baddies have wrecked his laptop. 😱

So, Alex hires Emma to take dictation. She feels sorry for him and agrees to get paid at the end, but she’s tough and won’t put up with his writer’s procrastination tricks. We all do them, and it’s funny to watch. He agonizes over naming his characters and keeps changing them as Emma mocks him. The people in his real life are in his story, and then the story spills back into real life.

Is Alex writing the story or is the story influencing their romance? See, I love this kind of thing! 😀

I really enjoy the acting and directing and the total sweetness and humor of this movie. I’ve watched it several times now.

19 responses to “A is for Alex [A2Z]

  1. Sounds good fun.

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  2. Well done on getting the first A2Z post out! I haven’t seen the movie but now I’ll look for it. I do like Kate Hudson!

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  3. I will look out for this one – sounds fun.

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  4. I don’t think I ever saw this movie. I’ll have to see if I can find it streaming somewhere.

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  5. RR has been great since his Meathead days, a chip off the old block from his Pa, Carl. I can see Luke Wilson in a role like this and I like Kate Hudson. Adding it to my list, thanks Paula 🙂

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  6. Good start to the Challenge!

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  7. That’s a cool theme you got there.
    Something new to your blog – reviews.
    Good luck on your A2Z journey.

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  8. Ooh that movie sounds good, and I’ve never seen it. Thanks for the review!
    Super start to your A to Z posts! 🙂

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