Dragons Are Coming! [1000 words]

Contains Game of Thrones spoilers!

Not that I have to remind my fellow Game of Thrones fans, but it’s only two more weeks until the first show of the grand finale wrap-up! Season 8 is more like six full-length movies than regular shows, but even so… six episodes in any form does not seem nearly enough to deal with tying up all the loose ends of every plot and subplot that’s been woven through this complex drama over the last eight years. I think it’s been eight anyway ~ I only began watching last year. I’ve watched it all three times though! πŸ˜‚

I confess that I do click on many of the fan theories about what might happen and the little teasers from the cast, etc. I just can’t resist! Haven’t really learned much, except that the last hidden throne was found in Queens, NY, which makes some people believe that a female character will prevail and win the throne. Fans are certain that Cersei will die because of the prophesy from Maggie the Toad, but idk about that. GOT has always been full of surprises.

However, if Cersei does die, I would love if Jaime killed her, whether or not she’s pregnant with another of his babies. It would fulfill the prophesy, since technically she is the older twin. But even better: I would love if Arya killed her wearing Jaime’s face, ooooh! πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

Here’s another confession: I don’t love Sansa Stark. Lots of fans are hoping she survives and I truly dgaf. I’ve never felt invested in her just because she’s been so abused. Honestly she was a shit for years, terrible to her family, and her attraction to Joffrey was disgusting. You know which Stark is my favorite? Arya! I adore her. She didn’t keep waiting for a man to save her; she went out there and did the job herself.

The scene where Arya killed all the Freys is one of my favorite things ever. And they so had it coming ever since the Red Wedding. Btw, I felt nothing when Ramsay stabbed his father later ~ remember how Roose Bolton conspired with Walder Frey and the Lannisters to murder Robb Stark, his wife, and his mother, not to mention their dire wolf!? Anyway, it would rock my socks if Arya ended up on the throne! βœ¨πŸŽ‰πŸ‘‘

But I doubt she will because of that teaser from the crypt which showed her and Sansa seemingly dead as young women in stone, while Jon Snow’s face in stone was older. I don’t want him to win ~ he’s just another boring man, ughhh. He annoys me and always has. The only thing I like about him is his connection to the dire wolves. 🐺

What about Daenerys? Welp, I have mixed feelings about her. On the one hand, she’s strong and exciting and she commands the dragons. She’s decisive and bold. I enjoyed watching her morph from a scared girl into a powerful leader. On the other hand, she irritates me. Don’t know how to explain it. And it’s not because she’s so beautiful cuz I enjoy that. Compare her to Arya… Arya relies completely on her own skills and wits, nothing else. Daenerys has beauty and dragons and immunity to fire. Where would she be without those things? Also, D is very murdery. No compassion there. A has compassion. I don’t believe, forex, that she left the injured Hound out of cruelty ~ he was off her list and I don’t think she thought he would die then. Indeed, he did not.

Yet, I would rather see D on the throne than Jaime Lannister, handsome as he is, or Jon effing Snow, noble as he is. You know, I feel bad saying that about Jaime because he’s been trying to do the right things lately, and he’s sort of nice to Tyrion mostly, but ffs he threw Bran Stark off the tower! You really can’t recover from that.

There are two men I might be okay with on the throne. One is Tyrion Lannister. Even though T was born to wealth and privilege, he’s been mocked and mistreated for much of his life for being a dwarf. And he hasn’t merely endured, or grown cold and bitter, but his experiences have infused him with empathy and humanity. He’s kind and funny and brilliant and loving. The other is Samwell Tarly, for pretty much the same reasons. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

I just read yesterday that in S5 one of the Maesters jabbered about a prophesy where a drowned god ~ that would be Euron Greyjoy ~ rose up to kill Aegon Targaryen. That would be Jon Snow. You know Euron is coming back from Essos to help Cersei, right? Even without the prophesy, with Euron’s return things are going to be in a pickle for sure!

Speaking of theories, I hung on to the “Bran = the Night King” for a long time, but I guess I need to let that go. It wouldn’t make sense that just because the NK touched Bran when he warged that time, then all the creatures were able to penetrate the magic barrier and kill Bran’s group. If B and the NK share a mind, why would he be trying to commit suicide? It makes more sense that maybe B will be able to warg into the NK or Viserion (the dragon the NK turned to ice).

Goodness, I hope I haven’t jinxed any of my favorite characters, like Arya (please not Arya!) by going on about them favorably. And if they kill Tyrion off, ooh, I’ll be so angry! They wouldn’t do that, would they? Take Jon or Dany over Arya or Tyrion, or take Sansa! God, that would piss people off, lol. There are also a bunch of other choices to eliminate: Bronn, Gilly, Varys, etc. I don’t care overmuch about any of them. And “Clegane Bowl” is coming too. Of course I’ll root for the Hound, but he was an awful person at first, just like Jaime.


14 responses to “Dragons Are Coming! [1000 words]

  1. Spoil away… I have not watched even one episode, and I don’t plan to read the books, either.

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  2. You KNOW this litany of history well, Lady Paula. My thoughts parallel in most cases. Sansa showed her true colors when she didn’t speak up after Arya humiliated Joffrey by the river and let the dire wolf (and that poor kid) be murdered. Sansa’s done too much to recover from, period. Arya is towards the top of best-loved characters, but I would lose Arya before I’d let anyone harm a hair on Jon Snow’s head πŸ˜‰ There should be two kingdoms — Tryrion in the South and Jon in the North. Danaerys can try to forge her own queendom somewhere else, or be queen to one of the two men. Cercei needs to go, and Jaime will either die protecting her or fall under the charms of that woman warrior with the short blonde hair (don’t know her name.) Dang it, can’t wait! (but I have to wait until it comes out at the dvd rental store 😦 )

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  3. All set!πŸ‰πŸ‰

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  4. Can’t wait for GOT!

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