My Purrfect Day

Gatsby here! 😺

G’Mornings everypawdy! Mommy’s friend Rawry posted my Interview yesterday, and I sound grrreat! 😺

Thanks Rawry! RAWR!

You may notice there is a blank question. I forgotted to answer it because there was a noise outside, or a spider, or maybe I had a tired. Anyway, I will answer it meow. What is my purrfect day?

3:00AM: loudly proclaim my philosophical views about life, the universe, and everything. No, it is not 42. But 42 is a good number of treats to have daily. On second thought, maybe it is 42!

4:00AM: make lots of noise jumping on and off the windowsills looking for early birds.

5:00AM: yark up some harbls just as Mommy is getting a teensy bit more sleep.

6:00AM: pester Mommy for treats and then don’t eat them. 😹

7:00AM: bite Mommy’s feets as she’s trying to get dressed RAWR!

8:00AM: look for cute Calico neighbor kitty when Mommy leaves for work.


6:00PM: make big poo in litter box right before Mommy comes home so the apartment smells delightful.

7:00PM: have snuggles and cuddles wif Mommy! πŸ’–

8:00PM: nom up some food.

9:00PM: take catnap.

10:00PM: run around like a maniac for no reason whatsoever!

11:00PM: go to sleep with Mommy and her phone. 😻

26 responses to “My Purrfect Day

  1. 🐱 meow!

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  2. It sounds like every other cat’s life. I might be one myself. If I could, I would sleep during the day, and play at night.

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  3. ACHOO! Sorry… allergic!

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  4. Excellent, truly marvelous Gatsby – l did wonder about the missing question, but l have learned to never question mysteries when it comes to certain things especially Feline ones!


    ps: Dad says he is going to keep this close to your interview!

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  5. Reblogged this on A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip! and commented:
    Gatsby paws up what the purrfect day would really entail in a seperate post!

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  6. Cute interview! I have always wondered why cats just take off running out of nowhere! Sometimes it freaks me out, like there’s a poltergeist or something!

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  7. cute! a purrfect day indeed! πŸ™‚

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  8. Purrs & meows from Cricket! Great interview, and it was good to get to know you, Gatsby! πŸ™‚

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  9. mischievious but cute!

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