My OCD Made Me Do It

Nobody cares, but I am constantly going over my A2Z list of romcoms and romance novels for the blogging challenge next month. I began with Alex & Emma, as I said, and already wrote and scheduled my post. I’ve also written and scheduled other reviews, but they’re different from what I originally intended. 😱

Forex, I said I was doing Bet Me by Jenny Crusie for B, but I didn’t ~ I don’t have Bet Me. In fact, I have no book by Jennifer. How can this be? I talk about her all the time! Welcome to Temptation inspired me to begin writing my first romance novel. But nope. Nothing on my shelves, physical or virtual. I’ve read all her books though and could review them, if I wanted to. But I’m thinking I might just review books I haven’t mentioned here.

I wanted to do every other letter ~ movie, book, movie, book, etc. Except I already messed that up because I got so excited about a new book I bought that began with a U. I read it, wrote a review, scheduled the post. Derp. That’s April 24, which should have been a movie day. Annoying.

Not every letter is the first letter of the first word, and I sort of think that’s cheating but like whateverrrrr. I’m reading an F book now (no, not Faking It ~ I just said I have no Crusies), and then I need a G movie. I have The Goodbye Girl, but there’s a problem with that. One, I don’t really like The Goodbye Girl, and all my reviews are positive ones; and two, it’s a crappy remake that doesn’t even have what’s their faces. So, I’m going with My Big Fat Greek Wedding and using Greek for the G.

I don’t care! It counts as a G. Shut up.

I’m also using first names of authors as letters when I’m desperate to shoehorn in a particular book that I lurve. Pffft. Same with a couple actresses. Sue me. 😛

The alphabet is stressful! Is anyone else finding this to be the case, or just me? It’s probably just me, huh?

Which letter are people having the most trouble with? Mine was N, oddly enough. I just said the hell with it and bought a new book for my Kindle that’s not part of the KU program.

Oh yeah… did I mention I joined Kindle U again for this? Well, I did. 🙄

7 responses to “My OCD Made Me Do It

  1. Love your sense of humor!

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  2. Ennle Madresan

    You are hilarious!


  3. Hhahaha.. I feel you! 😉 😛

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