The Story of Billie [fiction 333]

There once was a politician named Billie Groman who got elected by lying, cheating, and scheming (i.e., the usual). She told half the people they’d never have to work again and could fritter away all their leisure time in delectable pursuits because life was meant to be treasured and enjoyed. She told the other half that life was about hard work and responsibilities, no matter how unwelcome, and that no one would be getting a free ride on her watch.

During some speeches, she promised to raise taxes on the wealthy; when she spoke to the wealthy in private, she told them not to worry, since she’d be adding many more loopholes and deductions. She told peace lovers she would never begin another war; she told security-minded folks she’d be sending “consultants” (aka troops) to more countries. And on and on…

She won in a landslide.

But a strange thing happened a year or so after Billie took office. Every time she told a lie, she threw up. Every time she engaged in yet another scheme to enrich herself and her cohorts at taxpayer expense, she felt short of breath. Being a creepy, slimy liar was suddenly repellent and revolting.

“I’m going to tell you the truth!” Billie said at a surprise press conference. Reporters gasped in shock as Billie revealed the shady dealings she’d been immersed in and also blasted out the secrets her fellow politicians had entrusted her with.

When she was finished, Billie felt cleansed and attractive, younger and wholesome. She assumed others would view her this way too and hoped everyone would soon follow her good example of being morally upright.

That didn’t happen however. Billie was shunned by her colleagues, voted out of office, and disowned by her family. She wandered the land, working fields and farms, and keeping to herself. Eventually she found a longer term job way up North, shoveling out stables.

Billie didn’t mind though. It was honest work and the horses loved her.


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11 responses to “The Story of Billie [fiction 333]

  1. I really like that fable.

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  2. Horses know when humans are being honest. They can tell . So it is no wonder they liked her. If only politicians could follow the path you have described here.


  3. LOVE this! And it’s true–the really good appear to suffer significant losses…till they discover the riches within.

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  4. A great story. I hope the current POTUS is afflicted by this illness

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