The Glitches Go On…

I just got notified by email of a new follower (someone whom I thought was already following me), so I popped over to the app to check my list.

Things simply are not going well for me lately. 😢

31 responses to “The Glitches Go On…

  1. I follow you. It must be a glitch.

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  2. That’s happened to me, twice. Other times when I try to comment I have to unfollow and then refollow before the comment is permitted! Weird.

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  3. Good grief, how weird. 😕

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  4. Out of sync. Or, they follow you but now signed up to get email notifications.

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  5. Oh dear, seems like one of those random glitches. Maybe try turning phone off and back on, signing out of the app and back in. Fingers crossed it sorts itself out! xx

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  6. That’s so frustrating. I’ve had a couple people tell me their comments are not showing up half the time. Makes me wonder how many are not showing up and not coming back to check. So I can understand your frustration with wordpress.

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  7. Oh gosh, I’m so sorry…well, I’m here, if that’s any cheer 🙂 🙂 ❤

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  8. I have noticed that blogs I have been following for ages were suddenly no longer appearing in my WP Reader. I thought they were just too busy to write new posts…but actually WP seems wheedle through the blogs I follow and drop a few on a regular basis.

    My pingbacks have not worked for ages!

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  9. I hope you still have me as a follower.

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  10. I follow you. This is odd. You are turning up in my Reader so I know I am one of your follows!

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  11. There’s a plethora of bugs going on right now with WP. The font seems to have taken a turn for the better — though different than I had them — but the likes now I have to log in to comment on EVERY blog and the likes say I liked but when I go back they are gone. What a mess.

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  12. This happens daily to me. No worries. “It will all come back”!

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