Junk Mail [SOCS]

Linda asks us to talk about our latest piece of mail, but most of my important mail is delivered electronically now. Yesterday I received 3 pieces of junk. One was an ad for the Chinese ballet ~ a full color booklet type brochure. I’m sure it would be fun and beautiful, but also costly, so they’re wasting their money mailing that to me. I rarely spend money on entertainment, and when I do it’s not a fancy ballet ~ maybe $25 for a concert at the fair.

The second thing was Planned Parenthood sending me a new “membership card” and asking for money. I used to give them money, along with some animal welfare orgs, when I felt I had extra, but I stopped years ago. I just don’t feel financially secure enough to donate regularly to charity these days. I do send to Wikipedia because I use it, so I feel guilty not giving a smidge. But once you donate, they never stop asking. Every place I’ve ever given has found me through all my addresses to keep asking for more.

The last was from AT&T. I use AT&T for my phone and Spectrum for my internet at home (with a Roku for connection to Prime, etc.). Every day both AT&T and Spectrum send me email and snail mail to pester me to convert my other service over to them entirely. Such great deals! (Until you read the fine print.) I am not going to convert ~ I like having separate providers. Every once in a while Spectrum is out, and then I still have my phone internet on data. And I don’t want to change things over to AT&T now and be faced with a whopping price increase when the special deal is over.

Yet, they send this garbage out every day. I see that the trash can next to the row of mailboxes is filled with unopened junk from these same annoying companies, along with the flyers of local ads that nobody ever cares about. What a freaking waste of paper!

23 responses to “Junk Mail [SOCS]

  1. They have place garbage bins near our mail boxes now. To save us the trouble of going a few paces and disposing off the junk mail.

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  2. Definitely a waste. You’d think they’d figure out a better way to get business.


  3. A lucky day for you Lady P – l have just gifted you a Mystery Blogger Award πŸ™‚


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  4. And then a hospital/doctor group asked me for a donation. Outrageous!!

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  5. I got one from Planned Parenthood this past week also. Since retiring and on limited income, very few charitable donations going out.

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  6. Junk mail is an utter waste of everyone’s time. ❀

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  7. I was hounded for YEARS by a hospital that treated me for a moped accident while I was on vacation. They were happy to take my money at the time for the treatment, but I guess they figured I’d be so grateful that I’d send them donations for the next twenty years. Sheesh!

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  8. Ennle Madresan

    Junk mail is the reason I don’t go out daily to check my mailbox…and definitely, my pet peeve is requests for more donations once I’ve sent a bunch of money over a period of a year…as though my resources are limitless. Aaarrrgghhh!

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  9. We are mainly bothered with scam calls but letters aren’t so much a problem. Maybe they figured we mainly use them as fire lighters πŸ˜πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈπŸ

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  10. I worked for our marketing department for a few years. The number for a successful campaign is surprisingly low. For example: Email campaigns. Want marketing folk delirious with joy? Over 50% opened the email! Over 20% clicked through! And if 10% of the ones who clicked through bought something – 100% SUCCESS! So what seems like a waste to us isn’t to the marketing folks.

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