Sorry Sorry Sorry!

I’m tired of useless, BS apologies. Haven’t we heard enough of them already? All these phony baloney pretensions of being contrite when everyone knows that the only thing the [celeb, politician, spouse, etc.] is sorry about is the fact that they got caught doing whatever thing. πŸ™„

I expect that in the coming weeks we’ll be treated to a parade of sorries from the criminals caught up in the college cheating scandal. You know they’re unrepentant. You know they haven’t suddenly found a moral compass. They’re just sorry they got caught.

I would love to see real justice served up to these uber wealthy who believe they can sail through life flinging money at every obstacle until it disappears, but I’ve been told that is unlikely. Money is power after all. These superrich celebs know another scandal will be along soon, and theirs will thaw in the public mind until it melts from view.

It was a relief to read that Faux News creep announcing how he refused to apologize for his nasty comments about women and girls. He knows he’s a jerk. He knows we know ~ and he doesn’t give a crap. No one has to pretend to accept his fake apology because he isn’t giving one. Win win!

On the other hand, when someone is forced to apologize for saying something nasty or doing a bad, and you know they don’t mean it, our cultural norms dictate that you give them a second chance even when you know in your heart they’re insincere. That’s really annoying. 😑

Then what happens? All too predictably, they go and do the same thing again. We’ve all seen it, haven’t we? Both in our personal lives and with public figures. I used to buy into the second chance garbage, especially with romance ~ I can’t tell you how many plots are built around the concept of the “second chance romance,” and it seeps into your mindset that you should be forgiving. Well, that’s crapadoo.

We should be more judgmental is what. If your instincts say someone is a lying jerk, and they’ve hurt you once, then why accept an apology? Why give a second chance? Eff all that. Pffft. πŸ˜›

Yeah, if time has passed and someone has demonstrably changed their behavior, that’s a different thing. Then their apology isn’t just a giant bowl of moldy word salad.


Speaking of misogyny. This is in no way a defense of the Faux News creep, but we are sure weird about bodies, especially female ones. I mean, we have “pageants” where women (or girls even, gah) are supposed to glorify their physical looks in bikinis and glittery gowns, with loads of makeup on their faces and their hair styled all sexy, etc., but men are not supposed to be attracted to them, and if they are, they must not express their attraction in any sort of inappropriate language. What is the right way for a man to say that Miss Maine is appealing to him without sounding degrading or demeaning? “Gosh, I would love to discuss poetry with her over a nice cup of tea?” 🌹

There are men who haven’t been present at teen beauty pageants, ever. I would wager most men have not. So, we don’t know what most adult men would say to their friends about these girls. Maybe adult men shouldn’t be at these pageants. Maybe we shouldn’t have contests where teen girls are judged by adult men on how they look in bikinis. Just some thought noodles…


WordPress apparently did not want to be left out of the #failloop of Gmail and Facebook, which both went kerflooey this week, Gmail on Tuesday and FB yesterday. (I only know about FB from everyone’s moaning ~ happily, I do not have any FB products myself.) So, last night I was yet again treated to a 12+ hour gap in posts in my newsfeed. If you’re wondering why you’re missing my hearts and cheery comments, this is the reason. 😒

I did search for the prompts however, and to my delight lots of them could be applied (with a wrench) to this very post I had saved in drafts, hurrah! Of course, I needed to write a zillion more words, but when does that stop me? (Hint: never.) I hope everyone has read to the bitter end looking for the prize!

Erm, there isn’t one.

So very sincerely sorry that you read all these words for nothing. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


Opposites Attract: Challenge 9

Opposites Attract: Challenge 11

[yes, I skipped 10 ~ even my wrench could not make it fit]

27 responses to “Sorry Sorry Sorry!

  1. “Real justice”…hmmm, maybe an oxymoron? πŸ™‚

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  2. Apologies (usually) and claims of being offended serve the same purpose β€” to shut up those who disagree with something the offender has said or done. And both should (usually) be treated equally with sneering dismissal.

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    • πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
      Especially claims of being offended on behalf of someone else. Thinking about Meaghan McCain going on about Jews. STFU! Jews can speak for themselves. And we do go on, and on… πŸ˜‚

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  3. Do all beauty contestants advocate for world peace?

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  4. Right right and right on all accounts.

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  5. I didn’t know wp went berserk! I knew about fb though! Ug! I love your posts! I guess you should make sure your still following me? Hehehe maybe wp had a field day and did something to some of your blog followers too!

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  6. I’ve never been to any beauty pageants whatsoever, thank God. ❀

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  7. BRAVO on every bit of it. About the beauty pageants. Something just popped up in my head. Don’t they seem a lot like the livestock shows or dog shows? Looking for good “breeding stock”. Yes, you can feel free to get nauseous now. The douchebag’s comment about her being good wife material because she’s gorgeous and dumb… These types of pageants need to end for not only the girls but I see they have pageants for little kids too. GAG. It is objectifying and it is conditioning the candidates/contestants/stock that looks and superficial attractors will get you every thing in life. Possibly what’s most important about why they are wrong is that they “define what beautiful is” by who gets chosen as a winner. Thanks for sparking me today Paula!

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  8. It’s only the poor and ugly that have to be “authentic”.

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  9. Well, not ugly, but you know what I mean.

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  10. I enjoyed this post and agree
    with it.
    Once or twice can be a mistake. More than that is a habit.
    With things like the cheating scandal, even once is not allowed.

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  11. Another unrpardonable crime is child molesting.

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  12. Wow Paula, what a terrific post – am l allowed to say Go Girl, without appearing to be demeaning? Go woman might be right, but doesn’t have the same ring to it, nor does go female or even go lady!

    But a thoroughly great post – l have never been to a pageant – never appealed, l don’t think we have them here in the UK, and although we had something similiar during rag week in college that was way back in the 80’s, when as a young man it was more than ok to goggle at the glamour – same age glamour l hasten to add. But l find it somewhat confusing why grown men would want to go and view teenagers strutting their heeled stuff on a stage – do they still have wet tee shirt contests? I have attended those once again many years ago, l even took part in one unintentionally once, l was soaked, was only taking something on the stage and came second!? Go figure!

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    • Thanks Rory! β€œGo girl” is fine (to me). I have to wonder about these guys who put themselves in situations where stuff will come back to haunt them ~ I guess they just feel soooo privileged and immune from consequences. Thanks again! πŸ™‚

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  13. Reblogged this on A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip! and commented:
    Well l don’t know if Paula is in the running for the presidential campaigns, but she has my vote!

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