The Pledge [flash 170]

Icefire the dragon heard the soft clop of the horseshoes through the snow and knew a knight approached his bridge. His sensitive nose sniffed out that this was a rider from the East, one of the King’s men. Under normal circumstances, Icefire would come out from under the bridge and burn up the knight, which would indeed be a pleasure. But these were extraordinary times.

Last summer, Icefire had met a princess in the forest. Not just any princess, but the fairest maiden ever born. Instead of being afraid of him, the little princess had given him a bouquet of flowers. Icefire had fallen in love! He’d given her his pledge of honor. Anything in the world that she wanted, he would do for her.

She’d asked only one thing: please don’t kill her father’s knights when they crossed the bridge.

Hmph. It certainly went against a dragon’s nature not to set fire to a knight, but Icefire had his bouquet of dried flowers to remind him of his promise.


What Do You See?

Opposites Attract: Challenge 8

21 responses to “The Pledge [flash 170]

  1. Hélène - Willow Poetry

    A beautiful fairy tale Paula. I love it.

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  2. The Haunted Wordsmith

    Ahh….that was sweet 🙂

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  3. Really liked that. Nice theme, too, and well done. Also, best of all–good story.

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  4. so very sweet, love it!

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  5. That’s such a sweet dragon! When I saw this picture, thought I could do a story about a knight going to kill a dragon (y’know, the usual cliche) but this one, didn’t see that coming ❤

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  6. Dragons don’t really like canned food anyhow. 💞

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  7. Oh, how lovely. A Dragon vanquished by love! I love it.

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  8. Even Dragons have a soft spot. Nice tale Paula.

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  9. I missed this one earlier–really like the story, a nice soft touch 🙂

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