One-Liner Wednesday [rants in my pants]

I’m disgusted by the news from yesterday. And this time it doesn’t have anything to do with our horrible POTUS or one of his sycophants. I’m talking about the college admission scandal. Sure, people will roll their eyes and say it’s nothing new that the uber wealthy will pave the way for their children (we all try to help our children the best we can), but to me there’s a big diff in alumni daddy making a donation so his not so bright son can get a spot with less than stellar creds and these desperate celebs paying criminals to cheat for them. Paying a shill to take their kid’s SAT, or a proctor to change the answers, bribing a coach to say their kid is on a team when she’s not, sending in photoshopped fake pics of their kid playing a sport, on and on.

But to me the most awful thing is that these spoiled brat celeb kids don’t even give a crap about the value of these prestigious schools. They aren’t there to get a degree in order to make connections and start a career. Nope. Not at all. They already have connections and careers, thanks to their parents and their good looks. They have contracts as models and influencers. All they need the college for is to be able to add it as a hashtag.

It’s utterly nauseating. I hope the colleges throw every celeb kid out and give those spots to people who actually want to be there and have legit credentials.


One-Liner Wednesday

28 responses to “One-Liner Wednesday [rants in my pants]

  1. Not fair to the legit college celeb kids, but otherwise I agree. Such corrupted morals!

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  2. It’s going on for a long time. I am glad that finally it’s being looked at.

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  3. I know! Glad it is out in the open. Just shocked by some involved.

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  4. The thing is, you know the universities are in on it, too. You can’t convince me that they didn’t know this was happening.

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  5. Aunt Becky? Aunt Becky??? I hate when that happens!

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  6. If they cheated, I think their celebrity butts need to sit in a prison cell someplace for a while. Probably learn more about life than at the Uni… (and the parents should be in a prison for even longer).

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  7. Right on!

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  8. I heard something about this on NPR yesterday. Also, kids who are on sports scholarships not playing any sports. These are lesser known sports like tennis, equestrian, etc, so easy to fall under radar. And the test scores! It’s like there are two systems at work, the one on the surface and the one under the surface. When greed rules a person, place, or thing, integrity flies out the window. What is this world coming to ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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    • Itโ€™s terrible. So many kids are stressing themselves out, working their butts off to get into these schools, or any college. And then these uber rich, whose kids donโ€™t even care, cheat their way in.

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      • It’s “setting a tone” for the privileged to make it clear to the masses they don’t have to play by the rules. It starts in kindergarten and continues. I’m sick of that system. Our dick at the helm encourages that line of thought also.

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      • …and there it is. A bunch of left-wing, richbitch Hollywood scumbuckets who are DARLINGS of the Democratic Party in California lie, cheat, and steal (sorta like running for office in the Democractic primaries) to get admitted to the most liberal colleges in the universe (or weasel your way into a nomination), and have apparently been doing it for YEARS and….IT’S TRUMP’S FAULT. Jesus. Give it a friggin’ rest.


      • All the uber rich cheat the system of fair play for college admissions… whether Democrats or Republicans. But like I said in my post, thereโ€™s still a difference between a legal alumni donation (aka bribe) and what these celebs did. They should all go to prison.

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  9. I agree. If they canโ€™t make it into a โ€œprestigious college on their own merits, let them go to a community college or the state college. This is despicable.

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