Song Lyric Sunday: Animal

“The Unicorn Song” was written in 1968 by Shel Silverstein and originally recorded by the Irish Rovers. It’s an adorable song, and it’s chock full of animals as befitting Jim’s theme. It certainly explains why we don’t see any unicorns today.

17 responses to “Song Lyric Sunday: Animal

  1. Brings back memories!!! Thanks!

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  2. This song sure has a lot of animals, but those unicorns were remarkable swimmers and I heard that a few of them made it.

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  3. Walk into any Irish pub on the South Side of Chicago on any given night, you’re bound to hear this one…

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  4. Such a cool little song ❤


  5. One cannot simply listen to this song. One is compelled to sing along. Great choice!

    Jingle Jangle Jungle
    Literary Gold

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  6. Didn’t know it was written by Shel, but looking at the lyrics, it makes sense. Love this song!

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  7. ❤ Can't help but sing along. Great choice!

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  8. I so love this song! The Rovers had a pub on the 1986 Vancouver Expo grounds and it stayed there for a couple of years after the fair was over. I worked for the government on the site and on Friday nights we would usually head over for a couple of plates of nachos and pitchers of Long Island Ice Tea (neither of which are particularly Irish). They had other bands in but tried to play at least one weekend a month and of course this was the most requested song!

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