What’s Up With Cookies?

I went to Target tonight to get a head start on the weekend’s chores. I have a lot of things to do and am a bit stressed! Now, I assumed that everyone else would be out having fun on a Friday night and I could shop in peace. Wrong! The store was full of shoppers in my way. Annoying.

As I was crossing stuff off my list, I checked the cookie aisle for Game of Thrones Oreos. I read that they’re coming out with a special version for the final season and I want some. Didn’t find any. But! What the heck? There are like 18,000 kinds of Oreos now! When did this happen???

Previously I’ve blogged about trying some alternate Oreos, especially cookie dough which were delicious, but this is just crazy.

Not only that though. I found something else. Something absolutely wackadoo. You will not believe this! I wouldn’t either, so I had to take another photo and practically shove people out of my way. Yes, I am taking pictures of the cookies and what is your problem, buddy???


I’ve previously blogged about stripey cookies too. Normal ones… you know, golden cookie-flavored cookies with fudge backs and stripes. But now they have all fudgey ones and these white ones? Whaaa? They look like those crayon things we did in school that we colored over again. But look!!! They have unicorn ones! Now, I die.

I really wanted to buy some unicorn stripey cookies. But I didn’t. Why not? Idk. I guess I just felt too silly. They weren’t on my list. It was all so disorienting.

I might go back again soon though.

For the unicorn 🦄 cookies!

24 responses to “What’s Up With Cookies?

  1. The red velvet Oreos will send you over the moon! Douglas finally took mine to work, as I ate nearly half a bag in one sitting, and I have been diabetic, but am off medicine, using diet and exercise to control. I so want to try the Peeps, but I would have to hide them and the lemon ones, and oh, if the double stuff the red velvet ones, I will be in trouble,

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  2. Ennle Madresan

    You’ve totally cracked me up now–hahahaha! I rarely go to the cookie aisle, but recently thought Oreos sounded good–however my wise adult persona dissuaded me, saying, “they won’t be as delicious as you remember them, don’t waste your money” 🙂

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  3. Well, who would have thought…
    I’d never come across Oreos in the UK. The first time I saw them on the shelves was here in South Africa.I’d worked out that they were a biscuit, but I’d wondered for a long time actually what they were having first come across them in a Stephen King novel (“It” I think).
    Must check out the range available here.

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  4. The birthday cake ones are delicious too!

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  5. LOL! I can’t believe you took PICTURES!!! That’s a riot!

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  6. My waist and I try to avoid the cookie aisle, so I didn’t know about this Oreo explosion. Wow, there are a lot of varieties!

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  7. It’s bad enough they tampered with the traditional fudge stripe cookie, but Whoopsy? That’s a horrible name! The elves don’t make mistakes! They’re cookie masters!

    Just give me an Oreo. The original Oreo. Life is adventurous enough without me having to go all nuts with my cookie selection.

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  8. I steer clear of the chocolate and biscuit aisle. Chocolate calls………………

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  9. I like the Petrich Farm cookies.

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  10. No matter how many they have I stick with the same old ones

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  11. Those cookies look so good! It’s been ages since I’ve had any.
    I do go around the grocery store taking photos of all kinds of things, too. They are probably used to me doing that by now. 🙂

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  12. Ugh there are so many now!! And some of them seem just downright disgusting!!

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