Muffin [fiction 300]

Al placed a muffin on Vivian’s desk. “Happy International Women’s Day, honey,” he said. “Do you have the report finished yet on our new shoelace factory?”

Vivian slammed her hands onto her desk, which caused an avalanche of papers to slide to the floor. “You’ve asked me about that report three times this week, Al! And I told you I can’t finish it until Jeremy gives me his data! Which he has not done!”

“Have you asked him?”

Vivian picked up the muffin. “I’m not his nanny. He knows what he’s supposed–”

Suddenly, the fire alarms went off, water began raining from the sprinklers, and smoke filled the air. Al and Viv headed for the emergency exit, but flames were coming from the floor below. They had no choice but to head to the roof. Jeremy was already there, standing next to the company helicopter.

“What’s going on?” Al yelled.

“Sabotage!” Jeremy said. “From the Vicious Velcro Villains who are trying to destroy the shoelace market. Look, they shot me!”

Al and Viv stared at the nasty wound under Jeremy’s jacket. “Quick, into the chopper,” Vivian ordered.

“But the pilot isn’t here!” Al said. “Oh, God. We’re going to die, and now I won’t get my nice retirement dinner and gold watch.

“I’m the pilot,” Vivian told him. “I have a license and have been flying every Sunday. Stop whining and get in!”

They all scrambled in. “There’s the VVV!” Al screamed as Vivian adjusted the controls. “Pouring from the door like zombies with guns.”

“I’ve got this!” she told him. “Hang on to Jeremy. He’s passed out!”

Vivian flew her coworkers to safety, happy she no longer had to worry about finishing that stupid report today, but sad she didn’t get to eat her muffin.

It was chocolate chip.


Genre Challenge 5: Adventure Fiction

18 responses to “Muffin [fiction 300]

  1. The Haunted Wordsmith


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  2. This is amazing! πŸ™‚

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  3. Bravo! You’ve done it again. Not that I expected anything less.

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  4. Brilliant!❀️

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  5. Chocolate chip? See, Al wasn’t totally insensitive πŸ˜‰

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  6. No muffin!!!! After all that!

    Do you know the muffin man?

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  7. Ennle Madresan


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