Moon [flash 175]

The weary traveler paused as she rounded the last hill. Ah, here it was! The famous Castle North. She gazed for many moments, the biting wind chill forgotten, fascinated at the castle’s beauty as it stood starkly illuminated in the light of the moon.

The legend had been passed down by the seers for generations: if she went to the door and asked for a chicken’s heart on the second raven’s moon after the seventh star had appeared, then her lover would come back to her.

She looked up at the moon. Wait. Was this a raven’s moon or a hunter’s moon? Maybe it was the wolf’s moon after the fifth star? So confusing! So many moons and stars she had studied in the crumbling manuscripts before she began her journey. It was her own fault for being absent-minded just like her father always said.

The hell with it. She pulled out her phone and called a Lyft driver from the app. Who needed a lover anyway? She’d go get some pizza. Mmm pizza!


What Do You See?

25 responses to “Moon [flash 175]

  1. Hahaha, always trust pizza to cheer anyone up!

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  2. Food is always a good substitute!

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  3. MMMMMMmmmmmmmm, pizza! What a great end

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  4. Oh, I think I agree with her! πŸ˜› pizza, now that is sounding good to me!

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  5. Yeah, nobody needs a lover that badly

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  6. Mmm. Pizza! Oh yeah.

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  7. What? Did someone say PIZZA! I love this ending, the hell with a lover, let’s eat pizza instead. The whole story is great, the different moons …I am not absent minded…but I’d be confused too…lol Thanks Paula.

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  8. Yup go with the pizza, fun read

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  9. How rapidly the mystical changed to modern day story. I would like a pizza! πŸ˜‚

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  10. That was hilarious.
    I liked the description of the moon. Even if confusing.

    I see a witch coming to burn the castle down.

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  11. This was wonderful Paula, and the ending was cool!

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