Layered Blogger

Here’s my contribution for the photo challenge for layers. I’m wearing layers of tops (black shirt, turquoise shirt, beige sweater) because it’s so chilly, and my pendant is composed of layers of turquoise and whatnot. My hair is cut in layers too, but it’s grown out a lot.

15 responses to “Layered Blogger

  1. It’s been glorious here, and we’ve been working outside in tee shirts!
    However, come 3.40, temperatures fell dramatically, and we are now inside with the heating back on and wearing jumpers! I don’t usually feel the cold that much, but my hands are freezing!

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  2. You’re like an onion.

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  4. First of all you look great.
    Now I really like the pendant. And I’m sure i would be wearing so many layers you wouldnt be able to see me. Always lived in hot climate. A little winter and I’m lost in layers.

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  5. love the pendant.

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  6. Your layers look great on you.

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