First World Problem

So, I stayed in bed extra long this morning because it was around 27 degrees in my apartment and I didn’t want to brave the frozen air. My cat seems to be super energized by the cold though. He’s so weird. Anyway, my phone battery finally lost all charge, at which point I got up.

Took a hot shower, had hot tea, yada. Now my phone was charged a bunch, so I sat down to deal with things again, but half my apps didn’t know me including WP. Fine whatever. Logged in, etc.

But when you re-log-in to the WP app, it doesn’t behave like other apps. The Gmail app, forex, will have your draft emails. The Twitter app keeps your saved stuff. But WP? Nope. All my saved searches and posts were wiped out. This is why I have no FOWC, WOTD, RDP, etc. Sure, I could go find them again, but meh.

I also read an article today about detoxing from your phone. I thought, welp, this is a good start, since I lost my prompts and am now forced to work on my to-do list. I got a lot done. There’s always more though. So much more.

I’ve also been reading depressing articles about selling books via Amazon. Might have to rethink where I want to sell my next one. Every good thing gets ruined by greed and scammers. 😢

Hope everyone is having a good Saturday. I’m going to continue to slog away. Posts have been scheduled ~ enjoy! 🎶

9 responses to “First World Problem

  1. Why on earth was it that cold?! Holy moly!!

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  2. It is 79 degrees now here in Central Florida.

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  3. The Haunted Wordsmith

    Amazon will always be Amazon, but it holds 80% of the ebook market. That being said, selling on Amazon is not dependent on publishing through them. I have debated about D2D, but then I saw they put an ad in their ebooks and I don’t like that. Several on WP have published through Smashwords, and a know a couple who went through vanity presses. There are always going to be scammers everywhere you go. My only main gripe is the miscategorizations and gaming the keyword system, but that’s just me. I am still laughing about the plagiarism scandal in romance right now. Everything seems to happen to them lol.

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