Date Night [150 words]

“And the mere suggestion of bankruptcy threatens to undermine all our efforts in the media,” Harold said. “Furthermore–”

“Oh, do give it a rest, darling.” Nancy sighed. “We so seldomly have any fun. This is supposed to be a fabulous show. Can’t we talk about business again tomorrow?”

Harold scowled. “I don’t see what’s so great about it. The tickets were outrageously expensive. And look at those actors! Their faces are wan and sickly.”

“That’s makeup!” Nancy laughed. “See the little monkey trying to steal bananas from the cart. So cute!”

“Adorable.” Harold rolled his eyes. “I wish it wasn’t so hard to type on my phone keyboard.”

“Harold, I swear, if you don’t put your phone away and enjoy this damn play, I’m going to file for divorce in the morning.”

“Fine!” Harold stuck his phone in his pocket. “You don’t have to get so rattled. When is intermission?”


50 Word Thursday

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