The Dream [flash 107]

He always watched from afar as she walked toward the cliff, oblivious to danger as she softly played her flute in the warm summer breeze. Her dress was the color of hyacinths, and a crown of flowers adorned her chestnut hair. As he tried to warn her, the words tangled in his brain, for he was but a beast and could not speak. Finally, he began to run, but it was too late. He was always too late.

He woke in the dark, hours before dawn, as reality spiraled in once again. It had been three years. When would he stop dreaming about trying to save her?


Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge

12 responses to “The Dream [flash 107]

  1. Aaaaaw! She is walkibg towards a cliff?!!!

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  2. I loved this Paula! 💕

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  3. Beautifully evocative of a dream-state!


  4. A fascinating take on the image.

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  5. Very well written. Unexpected ending.

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  6. Perhaps one day his dream will become reality and he’ll be about to sleep soundly once again.

    My tale – The little wooden whistle

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