Moody Blues & Browns

Color is super important to me (I’ve written about it a few times). When I first began working full-time “9-5” back in Chicago and had to quickly assemble an office-friendly wardrobe, I bought basic mix-match items in blues and browns. I didn’t realize that black was more of a basic until it was too late ~ but I was happy with my colors. They were beachy in winter. Sand and ocean. Rock and sky.

That’s the Pacific Ocean, near where I live now in SoCal; at that time around 1980 I lived near Lake Michigan. But it’s not “just a lake” ~ it’s huge, with miles of beach and waves.

Gradually, I added in more variety to my wardrobe: stripes, black and white, other shades of blue, purple. When I moved to Southern California in 1983, I began wearing a lot of bright colors, lime green especially. Well, it was the 1980s. Then came pink! Omgosh, I fell in love with pink!

Later, I went through a sunflower phase. I started a mad quest to fill my home with as many things as I could that had a sunflower motif. Dishtowels, crewel pictures, and tee shirts for everyone! This is my mommy and me, in sunflower yellow! My girls are in bright, happy colors too. The pic is from around 1996. 😍❤️⭐️

In 2001, I went back to office work full-time, so the lime green leggings had to go unfortunately. I also had lime green boots that I did wear for a while, but a few years ago I reluctantly parted with them too. I do have a lot of black basics now, but I spice them up with splashes of pink or turquoise in scarves and/or sweaters. My wardrobe contains every color for my every mood.

Mostly I like to put different solid colors together in various combos, so I try to stay away from patterns and prints, but I do have some. I’m trying to phase them out though. Unless I find a super fantastic sale or something with a kitty on it. 🐱

So, that’s my colorful story about color. I thought I could somehow work in the other prompt words, but nope. Moving on…

15 responses to “Moody Blues & Browns

  1. Nice family photo!

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  2. Lovely picture. I too find black and blue the best basics to start with.

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  3. Your mom looks very happy, as do you all.

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  4. Isn’t it funny how our love of colour changes with time but my daughter would be with you on the sunflower theme!!

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  5. the Kiddos are adorable in their bright colors! Y’all look good in yellow. It’s not for everyone, so that’s great that you can wear it. Me…not at all. Most everything I have is black, then add a colorful necklace or something.

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  6. Blues and anything reminiscent of sand or sun are my favorite interior decorating colors. I chose blue, yellow, black and white for my bathroom floor. California’s state colors! (And you thought it was brown because we keep our hills that way. Nope!) Love the pic!

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