Fire on Fire

Again, I was clueless about choosing a current song ~ one from this year? So, I let YouTube pull up a playlist and I stared at it. Started playing a few songs, meh. Then I saw this vid with bunnies against a moon. Wait, it’s from Watership Down? First, how is that new? Second, how is that a love song? Ooh, Sam Smith! I like him! I had to listen obviously.

Well, not only is this song utterly fantastic, but the video made me cry. The movie came out as a reboot in December 2018, so the date is close enough for Bee’s music prompt game.

7 responses to “Fire on Fire

  1. Oh I love Sam smith! He’s awesome! I never knew watership down came out again! I loved that movie!

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  2. I cheated too with mine 😘 it came out in November 2018 😁 besides Love Is In Day Blog is not that strikt. Thanks for sharing this one🙋

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  3. Those sure are some cuddly bunnies.

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