Cloudy Moon

This is my best moon pic. I had to turn the flash off and wait until there was a little break in the clouds. Most of the pics were terrible, but at least this one looks a bit like a moon. I was standing on the second floor of my building right outside my apartment. It’s cold and windy!

I thought I saved the post with the prompt for the moon photos, but my saved folder is empty. Oh well. ✨

15 responses to “Cloudy Moon

  1. It’s way better than any moon photo I have naively attempted with my iPhone camera. Good for you!

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  2. This is a beautiful shot Paula!

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  3. Great capture of the lovely Lady Luna. And you have palm trees!

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  4. Looks mysterious and romantic.

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  5. Incredible, the eerie clouds and shadow puppets of the trees.

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  6. Great pic. Mine of the mon don’t come out very well at all.

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