PSA: Steppin’ Up

I think it’s time I help out with hosting a prompt, since I’ve been enjoying them for so long. Ever since Teresa announced that she was ending the Three Things Challenge, I’ve been noodling about asking to host it. And today I decided what the hey, let’s go. If it becomes too onerous, I’ll stop.

I’m going to begin tonight at 10PM my time (Los Angeles), and I’ll set the 3TC to auto-post once a day at that time thereafter. No blue frogs will be necessary. Just use pingbacks or copypasta your link directly into the comments of the post itself. I can’t promise to visit every participant every time, but I will try.

Use the 3TC tag or not as you wish. I probably won’t search for it, but others may, so it’s nice to continue that. I’ll have it on mine.

Happy writing! 😀

2 responses to “PSA: Steppin’ Up

  1. Thank you for doing this! Maybe this will also help me getting writing more regularly. 🙂

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