FPQ14: The Psychopath’s Reply

Fandango sez…

“This week’s provocative question asks about how we perceive the world in which we live. There is a philosophical and psychological concept called qualia, which states that our surroundings can only be observed through the filter of our senses and the ruminations of our minds.

“Examples of qualia are the pain of a headache, the taste of wine, or the perceived redness of an evening sky. In other words, everything you know, everything you’ve touched, seen, and smelled, has been filtered through any number of physiological and cognitive processes. And that brings me to this week’s question:

“Do you believe that anyone can really experience anything objectively? Why or why not?”

I believe there are very few things we can experience objectively, due to the reasons stated above. In fact, I can think of only one thing: pain. Not emotional pain, but pure physical pain. This doesn’t mean that we all experience pain the same or have equal tolerances to various levels, but the sudden onslaught of pain is almost impossible to filter unless you’re James Bond. And I’m not talking about how we remember the pain weeks later as we’re discussing it, but the actual moment of the event. That.

I read a pretty cool (and horrible) murder mystery once about how an artist felt he was failing to capture the emotion he needed in his art, that everything was fake, until he stumbled upon the idea that pain was the only pure, real feeling. So, he began kidnapping and torturing women to make more honest art. The hero, his son, kept hearing these weird moans from his father’s studio, so he kept all the windows tightly shut even in summer, a habit that persisted into adulthood.

Well, that’s what I remember reading anyway. It was a long time ago. 😀

14 responses to “FPQ14: The Psychopath’s Reply

  1. That must have been a very dark tale.

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  2. The sounds like it could be turned into a Dario Argento movie! I saw a movie made back in the 60s I think, where the guy was a famous sculptor, but in the end they discovered he was using real women to build upon with his clay. I’m almost positive Vincent Price was the artist…

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  3. Anger, too.

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  4. Objectivity or detachment is the goal of a lot of spiritual paths. It is a truly difficult goal to achieve, but with practice one can have moments that are completely absent of judgement, where one is at neutral. I always thought “neutral” would leave me feeling nothing, but instead I am filled with a calm inner joy. I am fearless. Isn’t that interesting? That removing prejudice and judgement means removing fear?

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