V4L Challenge 16

Keep Valentine’s Day Legal!

“I’m meeting someone,” Cupid said to Chantal. He didn’t want to tell her he was meeting a woman from a personal ad, but since she might show up any second, he decided to be honest. “It’s kind of a first date.”

Chantal frowned. “What a coincidence. I’m meeting someone for a first date too. Your age. Blond hair, blue eyes, white shirt. His name is Apollo, ha ha. But it can’t be you because you said your company didn’t allow its employees to use dating sites.”

“Are you… Kitty Cupcake?” Cupid asked. This was so crazy! His mom had sent him the dating profile from his ex-girlfriend.

“Yes,” she said. “I guess we could sit down and stop blocking the doorway.”

After they were seated and had ordered drinks, Cupid said, “It’s true we signed an agreement not to use dating sites. Please don’t report me.”

Chantal smiled. “Okay… Apollo. Just don’t bring me any more candy with peanuts in it.”

“I’m so sorry about that!” Cupid shook his head. “I was working way too hard. But things are changing at Love, Inc. A couple of the Directors were let go this morning by the new CEO and we’re going to reorganize the teams. My workload will be split with another Project Manager.”

“That’s great news!” Chantal said. “I think I misjudged you. I’m surprised you answered an ad without a photo. I had thought you were more superficial and I apologize.”

“Thanks,” Cupid said. “We really didn’t know each other that well prior to the candy incident, but I really am looking for something lasting, just like you.”

She nodded. “I’ve been stressed too. My boss gave me an important assignment and I need to really ace it. I’m drafting the proposal to keep Valentine’s Day legal. You know we have only thirty days to appeal before the new law takes effect and then Valentine’s Day will be taken off all the calendars for next year.”

“Yeah, we’ve all been talking about that law at work and how it might impact our business.” Cupid handed Chantal a menu. “Would you like to get some dinner here, or did you have other plans?”

“I’d love to get dinner. But would you mind taking a look at my proposal first? I can pull up the draft on my phone. It’s pretty short so far. I’d be interested to hear what you think.”

Cupid was thrilled that she cared about his opinion. He began to read her essay…

Valentine’s Day Should Remain Legal

After the stress of the end-of-year holidays, along with New Year’s festivities, many people are burned out. Valentine’s Day offers a fun break from high-expectation holidays. It’s pure indulgence with glittering pink cards, chocolate candy, and crafts for children. While people can certainly get fancy and go over the top with fine dining and lavish gifts, if they wish, they certainly don’t have to, for as we all know, the gift of time is the most precious one of all. Visit a sick relative, spend time at an animal shelter, make cards for charity, etc. Give of yourself and see how good that feels; it’s actually a gift from you to you. Some who don’t have a sweetheart might feel sad around February 14, but Valentine’s Day is about so much more than romance. It’s about generosity of spirit. And if we wipe that off the calendar, we’ll be bereft of anything to celebrate until St. Patrick’s Day. Nothing against green, but we need some happy pink hearts in the wintertime!

“Chantal, that’s fantastic!” Cupid said. “I really like the generosity of spirit line. Honestly I never thought of visiting an animal shelter on Valentine’s Day, but that’s a great idea. Obviously it’s too late this year, but what about next weekend? I’ve been thinking about adopting a cat actually. My mom has a couple and I miss having one around.”

“It’s a date,” she said.


13 responses to “V4L Challenge 16

  1. Aww, a happy ending! Or is it? Lovely read!

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  2. I love Chantal’s proposal. Never thought of VD that way. Good one! But, please tell me this isn’t the last chapter!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Goodness so the C&C stories might end?? Really? Is that it, love is just for a moment in time?

    It’s like one of those films you watch and they make out there is a happy ending, but you have to assume it because you don’t know, not really. I watched a film the other night called Edie – nice ending, but a bit of a cliffhanger literally?

    I think C&C should and could be around for a bit longer, l mean how do we know that date went well?

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  4. Reblogged this on A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip! and commented:
    C&C get it together finally, but is this the last episode?

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