Hope ☔️ [flash 165]

Hope had planned for today so carefully, yet everything felt off-kilter. First, the rain had required that she hire a ride to the station, placing a dent in her meager stash of funds. But she couldn’t arrive at her new employer’s house looking like a wet puppy.

Second, as she had waited for the taxi under the portico, Mikey came out to say goodbye. She’d hoped to avoid him and any unnecessary sentiment, but he went on for a several minutes with another apology, asking her to please stay. She’d stared ahead stoically as the rain poured down, though her heart felt torn, and thank goodness the taxi pulled up.

Third, when she reread the leaflet in the taxi, the position didn’t sound as appealing as it had last month when she’d applied for the job. But it was done. No going back.

The train approached now, sounding its lonely tune, and Hope willed herself to quit feeling petrified and begin her new life.


Tell The Story Photo Challenge from Crushed Caramel

10 responses to “Hope ☔️ [flash 165]

  1. Oh, quite compelling and leaving me wanting to know more! I love the image as reminds me of days in the past. I remember when I left for college, many moons ago, I had a footlocker and a hat box, similar to the ones shown in the photo. Thank you for joining in! 🙂

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  2. Oh well done Paula. Like Eugenia, I am wondering what Hope’s story is.

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  3. Great story Paula. Hope’s predicament seems very real to me 🙂

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  4. Superb post, fitting in so many prompts and a couple of challenges too. It’s often how we feel when we have taken a momentous decision.


  5. Poor Hope. I think if her name is any indicator, she will make it all work out..

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