Don’t You Want Somebody to Love?

This song is from one of my favorite 1960s groups, Jefferson Airplane. It was written in 1966 by Darby Slick of The Great Society, which then included his sister-in-law Grace Slick. When Grace left that group to join JA the next year, she took the song, along with her own White Rabbit, and they became big hits for her new band.

I’m having a lot of fun learning more about oldies every day via Bee’s month of music prompts. 🎶💖

10 responses to “Don’t You Want Somebody to Love?

  1. ✨💕✨💕✨💕✨

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  2. I love the way Grace sort of stutters her lyrics in this song.

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  3. Excellent choice! Love this one! 🙂

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  4. Glad you learn and so do I 😊. Thanks ❤🙋🐝

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  5. Aww! This is my absolute favourite too! 💞

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