Who Doesn’t Love Pizza?

Omg, I’m composing a blog post on my laptop like a normal person! Next thing you know I’ll be washing my clothes in the river and churning butter or something. It must be all this old-fashioned music… no actually I’m downloading the latest phone update and it’s taking forever. So annoying.

Anyway, I googled up love songs from the 1950s and lyricists were back to being all serious again, cuz luuuuuv is indeed serious business, but then I found one of my all-time faves, written for Dean Martin in 1953 by Jack Brooks and Henry Warren. The story behind it is almost as funny as the song itself.

Without further ado, I present… “That’s Amore!” In case you’re confused about amore, or any of the song lyrics, this vid provides very detailed illustrations. It’s hilarious!

17 responses to “Who Doesn’t Love Pizza?

  1. Churning butter, does buying it from Tesco’s count. Love the video.

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  2. Darn you. Now I want pizza!

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  3. This is the Italian song that you promised, great choice.

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  4. haha love the funny video! Always liked this song, too! 🙂

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  5. 😁 brilliant post. I live the song. Always made me giggle even when I didn’t understand English 🙋🐝

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  6. Oh, that was fun! I love Dean Martin!

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  7. Paula, have you ever eaten a smoked salmon pizza?

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