Roaring 20s Lurve

Gotta admit it was educational to look up songs from the 1920s. I knew they had some music back then, maybe a bit of piano, whatever, but I didn’t realize there was a ton of music ~ and not only that, but lots of it is funny, or at least the song titles are. I thought my generation invented comedy! This is a big shock. 😱

So many things happened before I was born apparently. And, I gotta assume, stuff will go on happening after I die. It’s like I’m just a teeny tinesy insignificant speckeroo. Huh. 😯

Thanks for that revelation, Bee and your prompts. πŸ’–πŸŽΆ

The most exciting thing I learned is that the theme song to one of my favorite romantic movies, When Harry Met Sally, was written back in 1924 by Gus Kahn and Isham Jones. It’s also been in a ton of other romantic movies, including Casablanca and Annie Hall.

I present… “It Had To Be You.”

3 responses to “Roaring 20s Lurve

  1. Oh, “When Harry met Sally” is one of my favourite films too. And that song is gorgeous!!! Glad I could encourage some education 😜

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  2. It had to be you that wrote this post, good one!


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