Entertainment [flash 167]

The crowd was enormous and the couple should have arrived at the arena at least an hour ago, but luckily they managed to find decent seats near the top.

“You did bring binoculars?” Mindy asked her husband as they settled in.

“Of course!” Mark took a set out of his backpack. “I’m determined not to miss a minute of this show.”

“The weather forecast is cloudy all afternoon,” the man next to them said. “So, it shouldn’t get too hot.”

Marvelous!” Mindy said. “Who did you bet on?”

“CNN,” he said. “I went with the odds. Younger combatants and in much better physical condition. You?”

“We went with FOX,” Mark said. “Their viciousness combined with sneakiness will overcome their handicaps, we figured.”

The man nodded. “Either way, this is a much more civilized method of choosing our next President than two years of bickering online.”

“Totally agree,” Mindy said. “Plus all the meat donated to the zoo afterwards is a nice bonus.”

“Win win!” They all laughed.


11 responses to “Entertainment [flash 167]

  1. This may be the better way to choose: spelling bee, math questions and talking a grizzly down from a blood-thirsty rage.

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  2. You’re a friggin’ ghoul, Paula! I like that in a woman!

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  3. Sure beats the electoral college.

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