One-Liner Wednesday

I like this quote, along with a whole bunch of Mark Manson’s writing. He irritates me sometimes, but that’s to be expected: he began his career as a “relationship coach,” i.e., helping guys get laid. His overarching theme of pay more attention to the things you actually value and less to those you don’t however is top shelf.

As for me, when I think about what I’ve truly been willing to struggle for the list is short: my children. The end. I haven’t been willing to struggle much for anything else, not writing success, not romantic love, not physical fitness. Only my children’s well-being. That’s all.


One-Liner Wednesday

7 responses to “One-Liner Wednesday

  1. I love this! So eloquently summed up. I feel quite similar actually…

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  2. Great lines. As a mom you’re putting your kids first. That’s great.

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  3. My entry: “What joins men together, he said, is not the sharing of bread but the sharing of enemies.”
    – Cormac McCarthy, “Blood Meridian” —

    Been a long day, with much sharing…

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