No Words Wednesday

Copying Fandango, I’m posting a pic from a relatively famous landmark from my area, sans discussion, to see if anyone recognizes it. Feel free to use the photo for a story prompt if you wish!

12 responses to “No Words Wednesday

  1. Here’s my story – He’d been surfing there since a boy and knew those waters. It was time to head in. He gazed at the tourists still surfing and splashing in the sea. They didn’t know that it was nearly time. That soon, the sharks will be coming in to feed.

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  2. Huntington Beach Pier?

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  4. I love everything about this picture! It’s cold and rainy here right now, but staring at this picture makes me feel all warm inside! πŸ™‚


  5. Makes me want to go surfing at sunset. Of course, I’ve never surfed in my life and, except to walk the dog, rarely go out after sunset. But otherwise….

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