My Dream House

When I first saw Melanie’s question, I thought of a condo. I’m not really a “yard person,” and why would I want to bother with paying someone to maintain gardens if I’m not gonna sit out there and enjoy ’em? But condos have HOA’s with loads of rules and busybodies and freaking neighbors in your face telling you what color toilet paper to use. Annoying! 😡

So, forget the condo. I’ll take a house in Huntington Beach. Not a big monster house, but something modest where I can have a few cats and a quiet life. Today I’m only supposed to describe the outside of it because we’re doing the inside in another post. Why? Idk! Ask Melanie.

There are a lot of cute houses in HB, but I don’t want one too close to the beach because tsunamis, hello. Or too close to a school, shopping center, busy street, or anything noisy and irritating. The reason I like HB is because it’s an okay commute to my job in Irvine, and it has all the stores and doctors. How’s that for sounding like an old? Of course if we’re really dreaming, I’m independently wealthy and no longer have to work. Maybe then we’ll scootch my dream house on up to Santa Barbara.


Welp, I can’t find any photos of my house on Zillow. Probably it won’t be in HB after all… the cute houses are all smushed up next to each other and the ones with more lot space are mega mansions. I just want an 1800 square footer with some yard around the sides for privacy. Then I’ll have nice trees and pretty flowers and a patio in the back with striped furniture I won’t use. Gotta be striped though. And a table with an umbrella! No pool… meh. They fill up with frogs and salamanders and who needs that?

I want a catio ~ a patio for my cats where they can play safely in a large enclosed outdoor area but not run away or get hurt. Actually I’ll sit out there too and write while my cats scamper around. That’ll be fun! So maybe I don’t need the umbrella table then? Or do people have a catio and a patio? That seems rather indulgent. Anyway, my catio will need a heat lamp like a restaurant… and a cute waiter to turn it on. He can double as my massage guy. (Really wish I hadn’t google image searched that. You get the catio, sorry.)

Even though my house isn’t super duper deluxe, I want a really nice front door cuz I’ve never had one, with everything on the outside painted turquoise and white… and a sweet curved walk and driveway paved with butterflies. I made that up, but it turns out this exists, as does everything you can think of.

That’s all. Here’s an approximation of my dream house. Imagine it in turquoise…

Hmm, these colors are growing on me. Like coffee ice cream with chocolate trim and a turquoise accent door. I can live with that, and maybe it’s better to keep my wacky tastes on the downlow so burglars won’t think to steal all my stuffs when I pop out to Target like they would if I went with my first impulse of purples and turquoise. 😂

17 responses to “My Dream House

  1. Good house choice, lots of bungalows built in the 1940’s, very cozy

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  2. Sounds delightful.

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  3. I enjoyed the visit!

    There’s a wonderful children’s book called The Big Orange Splot and reading your post made me think about it. It was my daughter’s favourite book and now that they are building their home, I’m looking forward to the house with a tinge of anxiety. lol

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  4. I like to visit places via Google street view. Sometimes I see something that looks so awesome, I’d actually like to try living there. Sometimes it’s the view; sometimes it’s the house/building itself. What is always guaranteed is that I’m looking at property way beyond my price range. But it’s fun to look!

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  5. That is a really pretty house, just the right size, and I do like the color combination. Yes, to the catio! Would love to have that. My niece’s husband built them one. They have 6 cats! 🙂

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  6. Lovely pictures. I so want a cat enclosure!

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  7. Reblogged this on A Writer's Life and commented:
    Thanks for sharing your dreams!

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