Lab Partners [flash 150]

“I have discovered the solution to the world’s greatest hunger problem!” Oliver announced, pointing to the beaker on the laboratory counter. “Look! I created plants out of water!”

Laurel laughed. “Um, have you considered looking at the results from another angle, Mr. Smartypants?”

Oliver frowned at her. “You just don’t want to give me proper credit for my noble accomplishment. Don’t worry, as my lab partner, you will share the glory.”

“Those aren’t experimental plants,” Laurel explained. “I poured my lunch in a beaker because I couldn’t find a glass. I’m on the kale and water diet and it’s really awesome. Let me text you a link.”

“Oh God, noooo,” Oliver moaned. “Did I tell you that my phone no longer accepts links to diet articles? It’s the strangest thing.”

“That is weird,” Laurel said. “I’ll just print it out then and magnify the relevant page on the copy machine.”


5 responses to “Lab Partners [flash 150]

  1. Good one 👍😊


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