Losing His Marbles [flash 351]

“Gonna beat you this time, Kev!” Jimmy declared as the boys arranged their marbles on the sidewalk. “I’ve been practicing.”

Kevin laughed and shook the giant bag containing his prior winnings. “Dream on. You’ll never beat me. I’ve won thirty-five games in a row!”

Jimmy glared at his friend, determined not to lose his beautiful new set of primary colored marbles today. He took his shooter, carefully lined up the shot, and BLAMMO!

“Holy guacamole! That hit Skunkman’s window. You might have broken it.” Kevin peered at the house next door.

“Did not!” Jimmy began walking across the grass. “Come on. I wanna get my marble.”

Kevin hung back. “We can’t disturb a superhero just for your dumb marble. He sleeps during the day.”

“Are you scared?” Jimmy challenged. “He only puts the stink on bad people who pollute the environment.”

“I’m not scared, buddy! But I did throw a candy wrapper on the ground at recess last week.”

Jimmy rolled his eyes. “He won’t know about that. Hurry up and help me look.”

As the boys searched through the shrubbery under the window, the front door opened. “Hey! What’s going on?” an annoyed voice called out. “Are you the pizza guys?”

Jimmy stood up and faced the grown man, his heart pounding with anxiety. This must be the famous superhero Skunkman! No one got to see him in daylight. But wait… this was an ordinary dude like his dad in jeans and a tee shirt.

“Where’s your black and white Skunkman costume?” Kevin asked.

“In the washing machine,” the man replied. “Where’s my pizza?”

“We aren’t pizza guys,” Jimmy said. “I’m Jimmy and he’s Kevin. We’re just looking for my marble. We were playing over there and my shot went wild.”

Skunkman strode over and pointed at the ground. “I see your marble.”

Jimmy grabbed it. “Wow! Thanks. You do have super vision.”

“Gotta keep a close watch on things that don’t belong,” Skunkman said. “Like candy wrappers, right Kevin?”

Kevin backed away. “Right, Skunkman.”

The superhero laughed. “Don’t worry! I’m not gonna skunk ya. Besides, my pizza’s here!”


Inspired by the Three Things Challenge

9 responses to “Losing His Marbles [flash 351]

  1. Awww, that went sweet!

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  2. Cool story. Love the name, skunk man.

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