Sun in the Fun

SovernessOverSeas tagged me for a Sunshine Award, yay thanks! 💕✨

I’m not big on the awards lately as far as posting a zillion rules and writing questions and tagging peeps, but I will usually answer the questions my fellow bloggers take the time to concoct.

1. What’s your favourite book to read?

– Welp, I don’t usually reread books. My faves have been The Great Gatsby, The Unbearable Lightness of Being, shorts by Ray Carver and Haruki Murakami, and romances by Jennifer Crusie. Lots of others too! Books rule. 🎉😻

2. What do you think came first the chicken or the egg?

– Egg. 🥚

3. Speaking of eggs, how do you like to have yours?

– Over easy.

4. Coffee or tea?

– Tea. 🍵

5. If you could be a superhero who would you be?

– RBG.

6. If you could have any super power what would it be?

– Healing.

7. What’s your favourite colour?

– Turquoise. 🐬

8. Who’s your number one person to talk to?

– Either daughter.

9. Why did you start blogging?

– For the massive income. 💰

10. What did you most enjoy over the holidays?

– Family togetherness.

11. Coca cola or Pepsi?

– Coke. 😋

8 responses to “Sun in the Fun

  1. Congratulations ☀️🔆☀️🔆

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  2. Congratulations. Short and sweet!

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  3. Yes, we bloggers are all millionaires! HA!

    Liked by 2 people

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